Certificates and awards




Quality and Certificates

As a responsible company with high goals and reputation of a reliable seller, Lupo Group in its business operations provide the highest quality products, creating incentives and opportunities for customers. The quality of our business and focus on our customers confirms the obtained Standards and Certifications. By obtaining these certificates of the relevant institutions, Lupo Group has confirmed their consumers to buy products that are medically correct and whose quality is constant.
The products have the approval of the local or foreign institutions that have examined the use of safety or quality of the product.
"Kvalitet Nis" - stock company for testing the quality
Jugoinspekt - The oldest and largest independent specialized professional accredited internationally recognized control organizations in Serbia and the region
DTI (Danish Tehnological Institute) - Danish Technological Institute
TUV - German certification for technical regularity
SGS - Compliance with national and international regulations and standard

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