ALL PRODUCTS ON SALE LUPO GROUP ARE GUARANTEED AND INSURED SERVICE AND SPARE PARTS, IN SERBIA BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA AND MONTENEGRO. On warranties apply warranty terms prescribed by law ( 2 years) or listed in the warranty statement. The warranty period begins when the customer receives the goods .
Warranty does not apply in the following cases:
• non-compliance with the instructions for use ,
• Improper use and maintenance of products ,
• Repairs carried out by unauthorized persons ,
• Installation of non-genuine spare parts ,
• careless handling of the product that has the effect of mechanical or cosmetic damage
• damage caused by mechanical shock at hearing the customer or a third party.
The warranty does not cover:
• minor variations of color or change the color coating on the dishes that do not affect the functionality ,
• cosmetic errors that do not affect the function and safety of use of the product ,
• errors incurred by a foreign object  inserted into the machine .
For the implementation of the guarantee is necessary to provide proof of purchase. The original packaging is not required.
SEND EMAIL TO: servis@lupogroup.com


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