Social responsibility

RED CROSS RAKOVICA - team of first aid

It is a pleasure to help the organization whose purpose of existence is to selflessly help those who need it most. Donating equipment for the first aid, Lupo company has its own small contribution to achieving the humanitarian goals of the Red Cross in helping the citizens of Rakovica. Humanity .

Humanitarian Association „Od srca“ (From the heart)

"Od srca" is a Humanitarian Association of employees in Telekom Serbia (joint-stock company ). The basic objectives are gathering blood donors, to popularize organ donation, improving environmental protection, advocating for change habits in terms of preservation and usage of natural resources. As a friend of the association “ Od srca“ , the company Lupo part of its funds from the sale gives to the humanitarian activities.

The humanitarian organization  „Dečje srce“ (Child's heart)

The humanitarian organization "Dečje srce", helps people with developmental disabilities. Their work is focused on helping children, adults, biological families, foster families, for all those who need help. We all need help every day and is not ashamed to look for it. Lupo Group have been providing help and support. None of crisis or weakness of society, should not kill our humanness - the feeling for those who need us.

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