Mission and Vision

Vizija, misija, vrednosti


Every company that wants to stand firmly and safely on its foundations, the success of their business has to be based on a clear mission.

Why are we here? What is the purpose of our business?

Lupo's mission is to contribute to better, easier, and healthier life. To facilitate and simplify, to be an ally of every family. To take care of health, to be a friend. Lupo - is the member of the each family!
Lupo is here to:
1. Recognize the needs of modern society and offer products that improve everyday life.
2.  With a professional and motivated employees and the excellent after-sales services (developed service network) to enable a comfortable and quality purchase.
3. Operates as a socially responsible company that helps humanitarian organizations and actions in order to make their contribution to make someone's life easier and elicit someone's  smile.


Is our desire that  customers and partners  recognize us as a company that is solid, ours actions to help others, company that creates a better world around them.
Our vision is that  with  values  we distinguish ourselves from the others, to be a company  that cares for the the ordinary man, offering him help in the modern, busy world.  Lupo vision is to change the lifestyle of our customers.
The values we represent:
Care about each customer:  a system of direct sales, it gives us the opportunity to devote every customer carefully. That's why we have a loyal customers.
Innovation:  Recognize the need fast. Invent and offer new solutions that change everyday life.
Training: We constantly learning and improving our personnel. We strive for the best and that is how we  improving. We grow and develop as professionals.
Positive Spirit: Positive spirit characterizes us, which gives us good energy and working enthusiasm, desire to win and perseverance. We love what we do and we put a lot of effort in order to succeed.


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